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Easy to use

Easy to Use

We make it easy for you to upload, edit and share video that viewers do not require special apps or plug-ins to see.

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Clipstream® delivers the strongest security available for online video to protect your content from being copied or shared.

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Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Show your video on a mobile phone or tablet, in addition to a desktop or laptop computer.

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State, provincial and municipal governments are streaming council meetings, important events and the introduction of new initiatives to the public.


Training videos are expensive and time consuming to produce - host them with complete control to ensure your viewers learn but your valuable content doesn't leak out to other platforms.


More organizations are using video as a means to expand training, management messages or town hall sessions without the costs associated with travel.

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“We've been working with Destiny Media for the past few years using their Clipstream® Video Encoder and it's been a great experience. When we choose to work with an outside technology partner, it's because they have an exceptional product and provide an exceptional level of service.” Executive Vice President at Decision Analyst, Inc.

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Clipstream® was developed by Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. We are a leader in secure audio and video streaming solutions to organizations around the globe.

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