Clipstream Audio JavaScript methods

Note: many of the methods can be called directly from text links, rollovers or from an onClick handler in a button however for the purpose of this demo all calls will be made from JavaScript functions. You can track the status in the textarea display at the bottom.

If you were using a Java-enabled browser, you would see the clipstream applet instead of this text.

play_audio() pause_audio() stop_audio()

toggle_audio() toggle_audio_pause()

fast_forward() fast_backward()

set_audiostreamurl(0,"audio/4.20") set_audiostreamurl(0,"audio/1.20") get_currentstreamurl()
Note: even though you change the audio file, you will not see it update unless you stop and start the audio.

seek_audio(10000) seek_audio_percentage(0.5) get_pos()

get_length() get_status()

set_callbackOnPlay("playFunction()") set_callbackOnTimer("timerFunction()", 5000) set_callbackOnStop("stopFunction()")

Applet Status History

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